New Episodes "Tall" and "Roommate"

"Tall" - Josh is tired of being the shortest kid period. When he sees a fortune teller machine, he wishes he was taller.  Based somewhat from a true story. I actually was the smallest kid in class my entire childhood. Then one day I (SPOILER) had a growth spurt and became pretty tall, at least tall enough where I wasn't consider short anymore.

"Roommate" - Derek is kicked out of his mama's house for being disrespectful. He gets his own place and lets Josh move in with him. But he discovers having Josh for a roommate is not as fun as he thought. My wife actually came up with the story for this one. We both agreed that Derek should get his own episode. He has grown so much as a character that you can't hate the guy. In fact, he's become a fan favorite. Also featuring the voice of my aunt as Derek's mama. I think it was easy for her to play this role since her son is a little similar to Derek, just a little bit.

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